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Intium Technologies

Our software and practical experience compile fragmented information into applicable and coherent knowledge giving momentum to value creation and tech due diligence.

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Introducing Sonar

Sonar is a fully automated and data-driven tech diligence reporting tool helping clients make educated and timely business decisions.

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Our Services

We enable you to understand the risks and opportunities while evaluating a potential investment, strategically planning a fruitful exit, or supporting your business through value creation.

Tech Due Diligence

Investing in a technology asset often requires clarity and understanding of an organization's software engineering, architecture, and software methodologies. 

Value Creation

There are several areas where you may need to engage external knowledge throughout value creation. We have very diverse experiences, and we can support you in many areas.

Vendor Due Diligence

Our in-depth experience with tech due diligence allows us to prepare the R&D organization for a sales transaction. This ensures the strategic positioning of the company and subsequent exit success.

Real Value Through Experience

Our team has practical experience and can deliver against a broad scale of technologies and cultures.

We have long-term experience in managing projects with very different profiles in different environments, cultural spaces and expectations.

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