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Value Creation Is Our Obsession

We are practical people and not your conventional consultants.

We’ve seen technology inside out, written code, managed entire organizations and everything in between. That’s why we are ready to help bootstrap and execute anything and everything we advise our clients on and outline in our technology due diligence or diagnostic exercises.


Technology diligence and 100-day plans are not the only areas where our clients might need help. Whether you run a company or a portfolio of companies, sometimes, especially when bootstrapping or during transformations, you may be compelled to validate the team’s direction or gain a thorough understanding of progress and identify caveats ahead.


We will help validate value creation plans, implement organization changes, re-architect your solution all the way through stepping in on an interim capacity taking a hands-on leadership role - anything to help you implement the shortest way to success.

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Change Management & Interim Roles

Fulfilling a transformative initiative to invigorate the business

and set it on the right track requires strong and practiced leadership.


We can spearhead the initiative, set it up for success, and help validate a permanent role allowing you to start early while bypassing the hindrance of hiring processes.


Big or small, enterprise or growth, tech-enabled or SaaS - we know your technology and can help bootstrapping your transformation.

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Validating the technology premise of the business requires the ability to inspect technology, people, leadership and processes at various depths to outline a clear and business-centric desired state.


Whether your organization requires a revamp or is burdened by a heavy reorg, whether you are rearchitecting your solution to unlock the ability to utilize cloud achieving economies at scale, whether your security practices require a revision due to increase in your company popularity or publicity around a recent investment- our practiced advisors are key to conducting a proper exercise yielding a clear direction relevant to all levels of the organization and technology.

Organization, Architecture, Security and Operating Model Diagnostics

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