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Data-Driven Vendor Due Diligence

Similar to pre-acquisition diligence, strategic support is also needed “pre-sale”. We know that no company is ever perfect and requires clear messaging around existing caveats and shortcomings to ensure a strategically sound position when talking to potential acquirers.

Collectively, Intium has more than 450 tech diligences under its belt. We know what successful technology due diligence looks like and will be happy to help you prepare for a fruitful exit. Be that creating a vendor due diligence report, training your team or helping compile a comprehensive data room - Intium will stand by your side to achieve success.

Vendor Due Diligence (VDD) Report

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A key artifact in any acquisition is the Information Memorandum - a document describing your company and the intricate details pertaining to the interests of a potential acquirer.

Having technology present in almost any company these days, and certainly being at the heart of any software company, we’ve come to a firm conclusion that a comprehensive Vendor Technology Due Diligence report is key to positioning the company strongly and professionally covering all the necessary aspects of your tech premise while helping to reduce time spent following up on questions from acquirers. A successful Vendor Due Diligence report ensures all key artifacts are brought to light in a concise and meaningful manner while your strategic positioning is retained throughout.

High quality of the Vendor Due Diligence report will certainly reduce the amount of questions directed towards your tech organization, however some are bound to reach the team regardless.

As you go through the Exit Diligence exercise, Intium will make sure to outline the specific roles and key people that should be involved, train your personnel and help construct a meaningful virtual data room including preparation of the right documents with accurate details - everything to minimize the burden of the diligence process so that you can focus more on business while still ensuring a successful transaction.

Technology Due Diligence & Data Room Prep

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