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Intium Tech Launches Sonar

Intium Tech Launches a First-Ever Standardized, Fully Automated & Data-Driven Technical Due Diligence Service Called Sonar

With the launch of its Sonar service, Intium Tech is looking to deliver technical due diligence projects within days instead of weeks or months and, at the same time, introduce a standard that substantially decreases the subjectivity of these assessments across the board.

Intium's co-founders Agu Aarna and Mart Lumeste


TALLINN, Estonia, May 10, 2022 ( - Sonar is a unique software suite that is based on a proprietary technical due diligence methodology created by the founders of Intium - Agu Aarna & Mart Lumeste. Between the two of them, they have a wealth of hands-on experience in technology from engineering to executive management. For years, they have directly advised clients and directed technology due diligence practices - carrying out and curating hundreds of technical due diligence projects for private equity funds looking to carry out M&A transactions.

"We want to increase the quality of technical due diligence as a discipline - make it far less dependent on the specific expert carrying out the work and speed up data collection and analysis by leveraging a high level of software automation. At the heart of this innovation is our distinctive due diligence methodology derived from years of industry insights," says Agu Aarna, Co-founder and Partner of Intium.

"Our unique analytical software platform enables delivering fast results - 24 hours after the first site visit, we introduce the draft report with project attainability calculations and cost estimates. And a week later, we present the full and final report, including a roadmap to mitigate risks and capitalize on opportunities. This is possible thanks to our software and automation that can collect and assess thousands of markers defined by our methodology and compare them against similar companies on the market," adds Mart Lumeste, Co-founder and Partner of Intium.

About Intium Tech Intium is a technology due diligence and value creation services provider. We work with private equity investors, portfolios, and public companies, helping assess software and tech-enabled M&A targets. We are revamping this business to be data-driven and software-powered. We help you with buy-side tech diligence, sell-side vendor due diligence, and value creation solutions.

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