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Tech Due Diligence by Practitioners

We find that investing in a technology asset requires clarity and understanding of our clients’ ultimate ambition with the target. Once the intricacies of the business or investment thesis are anchored we can dive into the asset to evaluate its capability of living up to your requirements.


Our business-driven approach to technological due diligence dictates a holistic view of the technology domain. Being practiced engineers and technology leaders we know not only to delve into code, software architecture, and infrastructure, but similarly value leadership, organizational, and management capabilities of the target. As a result, you acquire a holistic view of the asset’s ability to effectively function and technologically deliver.


The fine-tuned combination of our expertise and our technology - Sonar - enables us to diligently and methodically comb through key areas of interest while retaining a business-oriented mindset. We make sure that every detail is accounted for and drive towards our clients’ ultimate success.


Tech DD scope by Intium Tech

The following areas are explored additionally when applicable to the thesis:

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Cybersecurity and Open Source

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Customer Service Excellence

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Professional Services

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Companies with a Portfolio of Products

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UI/UX & Design

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Carve-Out Situations

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Corporate IT and internal line of business tools

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Portfolio Strategy and Planning

We really view the technology due diligence with Intium as an investment, since the report eventually saved us countless hours on reporting and planning due to various levels of detail it provides. On top of that, we were able to use the report as the source of key facts to negotiate a fair price for the acquisition offsetting the post-close value creation activities.

- Tomáš Müller, Development Director, Eurowag

Technology Due Diligence

Tech Due Diligence report by Intium Tech presented at the board meeting

Acquiring a tech company is a complex process. In parallel to the conventional diligence streams (e.g. tax, financial, commercial) you also need to understand whether the potential asset will be able to function and fulfill your investment thesis. 

Our proprietary method of conducting tech due diligence ensures that your business thesis is thoroughly understood and the company is evaluated against it. Our bespoke approach ensures we also cover the leadership, organization, and development lifecycle areas in addition to the technical code reviews, software architecture evaluations, and infrastructure assessments. An undertone for all of these areas is of course security - we make sure that cyber-awareness and practice adherence is present at every stage of product definition and development.

Thanks to Sonar, we are able to collect and assess thousands of markers defined by our methodology and compare them against similar companies on the market. 

IT Due Diligence (for Non-Tech Companies)

It Due Diligence report by Intium Tech presented at the board meeting

Not all companies have software at the heart. Many companies out there are tech-enabled conventional businesses that innovate by streamlining business processes and integrating with 3rd parties to enrich their offerings.


The approach to tech due diligence is hence different and heavy on enterprise IT architecture. We’ve developed a bespoke practice allowing us to effectively assess the capabilities of companies utilizing technology as an enabling function. An in-depth analysis of the company’s line-of-business software, IT systems, and their interrelationships will among other things help you plan possible integration strategies, evaluate bolt-on tactics and understand the general ability of the company to support your thesis technologically.

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