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We Figure Things Out First

Conventional businesses have recognized the power of tech and are increasing the technology component enabling their business to thrive and stay on the wave of success. As such technology is at the center of any tech company’s business strategy and plays an integral role in the operations of non-tech companies alike. 


We have come to recognize that technology in itself is not as important as its role in enabling innovation and business. We know that our client’s business ambitions are of the essence and understanding your business thesis is crucial in assessing technology. Evaluating a tech-enabled conventional service company is different from assessing a SaaS product. Subsequently understanding M&A intricacies about respective assets while driven by our client’s post-acquisition business ambitions creates an additional layer of complexity.

Our Process

Intium’s technology - Sonar - aids our practitioners to navigate the acquired details in an interconnected fashion allowing them to add value where practical knowledge is key, i.e. at the level where business and technology overlap. Sonar helps to significantly increase the quality of technical due diligence as a discipline - make it far less dependent on the specific expert carrying out the work and speed up data collection and analysis by leveraging a high level of software automation.

We are thorough and we do not waste time. 



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Kick-Off Meetings

Info Requests

Output Needs
Project plan

Confirm Thesis

Data Room Access
Info Request Gaps
Key Questions

Data Room Review
Industry Research
Explore Outside-In Remote Meeting
Understand Target

Target Meetings
Initial Observations

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Data Analysis
Benchmark Data
Automatic Scans
Thesis Analysis

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Follow-up Mtgs
Report Writing
Conclusion Advisory

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Investor Meetings
Project Wrap-Up

We wanted a go/no-go decision and on top of that Intium provided us with a comprehensive and deep impression of the Target - an extra package including notable and critical knowledge of what’s to come post acquisition. We are extremely happy with the acquisition and Intium’s evaluation!

- CEO, Eden Capital portco


Due Diligence report sample from Intium Tech

Technology Due Diligence

The fine-tuned combination of our expertise and our product Sonar support you throughout a comprehensive set of IT due diligence findings. We pride ourselves in understanding your business thesis and figuring out what the technology should look like for you. Our unique software Sonar enables delivering fast results - 24 hours after the first site visit, we introduce the draft report with project attainability calculations and cost estimates. And only a week later, we present the full and final report including a roadmap to mitigate risks and capitalize on opportunities.

Value Creation report by Intium Tech

Value Creation

We are practical people and not your conventional consultants. We’ve seen technology inside out, written code, and managed entire organizations. We are ready to help bootstrap and execute anything and everything we advise our clients on and outline in our technology due diligence or diagnostic exercises. We can help validate value creation plans, implement organization changes, re-architect your solution through stepping in on an interim capacity taking a hands-on leadership role - anything to help you implement the shortest way to success.

Vendor Due Diligence report by Intium Tech

Vendor Due Diligence

Collectively, Intium has more than 450 tech due diligences under its belt. We know that no company out there is perfect but with that, we also know what successful technology due diligence looks like and will be happy to help you prepare for a fruitful exit by anchoring a strong strategic position. Be that creating a vendor due diligence report, training your team, or helping compile a comprehensive data room - Intium will stand by your side to achieve success.

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