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Intium Sonar

Product for experts, made by experts!

Intium's Sonar business data presented as a vector
Green triangle
Intium Tech's Sonar report being presented at the board meeting

Continuous improvement in our skills and processes is one of the core values of Intium. Every deal we consult teaches us how to improve our value add and customer satisfaction. We really do practice what we preach and we have built a software product to help us achieve just that.

Sonar is a fully automated and data-driven diligence reporting tool that delivers unmatched quality and consistency coupled with an unrivaled user interface for consultants to focus on what matters the most - helping clients make educated and timely business decisions.

Merging learnings from almost 500 technology projects with our deep and practical software engineering experience has resulted in Sonar -  the tech due diligence product for industry professionals.

Data-Driven Before Anything Else

Green triangle
Diagram vector art

Benchmarking against actual data

We know what the market looks like! We have gathered hundreds of data points from every deal we have done to always compare against real market data. 

Data points vector art

Pivot data to fit the business case

Essentially it’s just data and we can present it to match the investment thesis.

Computer vector art

Company lifecycle management

All reports are accessible from one place and comparable, allowing you to ensure the company is moving in the right direction.

Big green triangle
Intium Tech's Sonar tool report for the management meeting

Superior Consistency 

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No gaps in the report

We are all humans and make mistakes. Our product ensures all the areas are fully covered, no stone will be left unturned, and no question unanswered.

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Apples to apples comparison

Insightful and standardized report structure and straightforward design improve report readability saving you time.

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Unparalleled Agility

World vector with a clock

Always available

No more searching emails for attachments. All documents are online and at your fingertips 24/7.

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Real value in a shorter time

Red flag reports within 24h with cost and maturity overviews, allowing you to make timely business decisions as the project evolves.

Report and money vector

Focus on value add

Sonar allows us to focus on helping clients, not formatting documents.

Faster, better quality, and objective- all powered by data-driven software!


Book a call with us today so we can show you Sonar in action and how it can help you more than any other service on the market!

Screenshots of Sonar product
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